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About Technical Advancement/GlobalNet Training Solutions, Inc.

Technical Advancement, Inc. founded in 1982 and Todd Lammle of GlobalNet have partnered together to offer Cisco training in New York City. With over 35 award winning training books on the Cisco, Microsoft and Wireless networking environments, Todd Lammle recognized the demand, by IT Professionals, for an inclusive training environment focused on more hands-on instruction, equipment, lab time and real world simulations. Today with more than 14 locations nationwide and in the U.K., Technical Advancement/GlobalNet, through intense and hands-on Cisco, Microsoft, Wireless Certification and other various technology training, provides unique, reliable and cost effective networking training solutions. Todd Lammle's proven methods provide the most rapid acquisition and reinforcement of networking skills available for the IT professional. 

About Todd Lammle, CEO, GlobalNet Training Solutions, Inc.

Todd Lammle has been involved in computers and networking with fortune 500 companies for over 20 years. His hands-on experience has been instrumental in designing his unique way of making complex and difficult-to-understand networking concepts easy and fun to learn. 

In his 20 plus years of wireless, Ethernet, LAN and fiber optics experience, Todd has worked for large corporations such as Hughes Aircraft, Xerox, Texaco, and IBM. In 1986, while at Xerox, he met pioneers Len and Sandy Bosack, the designers of one of the first delivered Cisco gateway products to Xerox.

He had the privilege of working on this original box by using it to connect the Xerox X.25 packet switching network to the large SNA network. Todd also achieved his FCC RF license and provided technical support for the Xerox worldwide satellite network. His Wireless knowledge was further augmented, while studying at UCLA where he focused on implementing and troubleshooting microwave, infrared, and satellite communication networks worldwide. 

Todd also worked on some of the first Ethernet_II LAN networks installed at Xerox. He then moved on to one of the largest private fiber networks in the world working for Hughes Aircraft connecting the first Cisco routers to their large network. 

Today, Todd's networking knowledge and experience has been passed down to his more than 35 SYBEX study guides and network training classes at Technical Advancement/GlobalNet Training Solutions. Available in 12 languages worldwide, and written in an easy to read style, Todd's training guides paired with Technical Advancement/GlobalNet's courseware enable IT professionals to obtain their networking skills necessary today. His most popular book, the SYBEX CCNA Study Guide, has been the best selling networking book in the world, four years in a row! Todd was most recently recognized by Certcities.comT as the 2002 Reader's Choice Award as Favorite Study Guide Author.

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