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Automated Scheduling and Billing

Company A provides an extensive array of non-mechanical services for incoming flights worldwide to prepare them for the next take-off. The challenge for Technical Advancement was to transform what was essentially a paper-and-pencil, fax-intensive scheduling and billing system to a highly automated, efficient operation. Technical Advancement designed and implemented a scalable service planning and tracking system that processes the flight schedules in advance for the airlines and airports served by the company; distributes the schedules and required services to the airlines at each of the airports; and automatically generates billing information for the services performed on each plane for each flight.

Standard services are already programmed in the system, eliminating the need to look up charges. Capability also exists for special cases or schedule/service changes. This system allows the company to efficiently plan inventory requirements, deploy personnel, log service completion and accurately bill clients.

Three main modules make up the project:

Data Entry - The data includes the flight schedule, type of plane and other pertinent information regarding each of the flights that the company will service, and the services that each will require.
Program Component - Flight schedule and service requirement data is distributed to each airport, where crew chiefs can schedule the deployment of personnel that will perform the services, and enter this information into the system. Data on all flights is available to all company outposts, and can also be accessed via the Internet. Password protection can be set for various levels of security.
Database - The database is the backbone of project, and is structured to keep a complete history of entries and changes.

The system is easily expandable to accommodate additional airports, airlines and services. The application is written in Microsoft® Visual Basic® and implemented globally within a Citrix® environment.

Internet-Based Research

Corporations require a high degree of security when dealing with sensitive issues such as financial and organizational matters. Company B specializes in providing comprehensive investigative services ranging from individual background checks to corporate compliance programs.

An international concern with offices in the US and Europe, the company needed an advanced research tool to scour the Internet for information on a person or issue under investigation. Technical Advancement designed and implemented a high-powered information-gathering system, which employs a wide variety of Internet-based search engines to amass information on a subject, and automatically tailors search strategies to perform more focused searches. The resulting data is stored locally and compiled into password-protected search reports.

This system has significantly cut Internet search time, and has eliminated the need to manually create a search report based on results gathered from each individual Internet resource. The application is written in Microsoft® Visual Basic®.

Payroll Accounting

An international not-for-profit organization providing a wide range of services for the disabled found it necessary to upgrade its database to make it more easily accessible to a large accounting group. Technical Advancement converted its existing Microsoft® Access-based payroll accounting system to Microsoft® SQL Server to enable use by the 53-member accounting department. Using payroll information provided by ADP, this application allowed managers to produce customized reports and automatically update the general ledger that is housed on an AS400. This system was implemented in Microsoft® SQL Server.

Job Costing

Technical Advancement designed and implemented a job-costing system that allows the user to automatically generate construction estimates. The user enters basic client information (name, address, etc.), specifies items necessary to fulfill the job along with their costs, including insurance required by the job. The system then produces a Word document that can be presented to the client. The system was implemented using Microsoft® Visual Basic® for the user interface, and Microsoft® SQL Server for the back-end database.

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