Network Auditing/Documentation & Security

The need: What is a network without proper documentation? It is nothing but a time bomb without anyone knowing how to diffuse it. In the years of doing business, you've learned to save certain contracts, bank information, and many other important documents in case you ran into a problem; just ask Human Resources-they know all about keeping important information for easy problem resolution. Statistics show the time taken to fix an undocumented problem network can be 3 times the time needed to fix a documented one. This time difference can translate into big "dollars". TAI believes in providing full documentation to its clients. We also take the time to audit existing networks and provide written reports to help create a map of your network. We use all available tools, such as Visio, CAD, PDF rendering, to create the most professional and thorough "guide to your network" manual.

Security: Documentation often serves as the first battle tool against network security breach. A review of your existing design and implementation documentation can reveal errors that make it easy for hackers to access your network. Our network audits have often alerted our clients of possible backdoors and ways to tighten security where needed. We often see the technology to protect your network but the lack of efficient usage or proper configuration can have the reverse affect. TAI can be your source for efficient usage of technology through audits and proper documentation.

Management: A good audit and solid documentation leads to efficient management. Centralized or not, having your infrastructure mapped out leads to best deployment of resources to handle your day-to-day maintenance.

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