Lan Design & Implementation

Design: Being accurate in moving information from one end to another often differentiate companies in today's competing environment. The digital world must reflect efficiency in transmission and reception of information inner-office, interoffice, and inter-company. Let Technical Advancement design your networking infrastructure with confidence that you will have the best digital medium for moving information data and perhaps voice.

Implementation: As designers of networking environments, Technical Advancement is confident in its abilities to execute the Local Area Network of your selection or acceptance of recommendations. Our staff members are professionals with 12 combined years of experience in implementing networks of various sizes. From picking the copper or fiber to signaling technology, whether it is 10baseT, 100baseT, or Gigabit Ethernet, Technical Advancement can ensure a reliable network implementation.


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Technical Advancement is a full service technology firm.  We offer services in software development, networking, and Web site creation. Our seasoned staff of certified engineers, developers, and technical professionals can help you solve your IT challenges. Technical Advancement has been servicing our clients business and technology needs since 1982

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