Professional Training

computer training classroom for rent Established in 1982, Technical Advancement continues to be one of the leading computer technology companies in the industry. With our Continuing Education Program you can learn to be productive in Windows 98 / 2000 , Windows NT, Windows, Word, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, and the World Wide Web.

Become more valuable to any employer by improving your skills or learning new skills. You can learn Office Software or Web Development software like Java, Perl, HTML, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Javascript, and Photoshop.

Our newly renovated training facility is a state of the art environment where students can learn from experienced computer-oriented personnel. Each student will be working on their own powerful Pentium© 4 system with a hyper-threaded 800MHz FSB, 2GB RAM, Drive 1: 40GB, Drive 2: 160GB and 17" flat panels.   Each room has a 3500 ANSI lumens fixed overhead projector (image is spectacular).   Internet connectivity is provided via a T-1 line.

We offer one-day and two-day evening courses, as well as all day Saturday classes. On site training and private tutoring is also available.

Offering unparalleled education in today's most powerful software applications, Technical Advancement continues to lead the way in computer education.

Room rental for private training or for presentations is available upon request.

Professional Training
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Technical Advancement is a full service technology firm.  We offer services in software development, networking, and Web site creation. Our seasoned staff of certified engineers, developers, and technical professionals can help you solve your IT challenges. Technical Advancement has been servicing our clients business and technology needs since 1982
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